Success Story

Mst: Achia Khatun

Khamarkandi neighborhood next to the traditional subgram hut of Bogra district. Achiya Khatun is the daughter of a poor family in this village. The number of family members is 6 people. The father, who was physically ill, somehow managed the family with the little income he earned from daily labor and manual labor in the rice shop. At the age of 17, Achiya was married off to Sujan Mia of the village of Jangalpara by Shakhariya, a neighbor. Dream of a little happiness and eat.But the dream remains a dream due to the financial poverty of her husband who is addicted to alcohol and gambling. After two and a half years of married life, Khatun gave birth to a son. Borrowing and borrowing leaving Achia pregnant, the husband goes abroad for work. In the absence of her husband, Achaya fell into a lot of trouble with a child in her womb, being penniless. Sometimes he suffers from various physical ailments.Meanwhile, the mother-in-law also started physically and mentally inhumane torture on various pretexts and left Achia at her father's house when she was eight months pregnant. Meanwhile, Sujan Mia's husband stopped contact and maintenance. Kul Kinara can't think of what to do lying down in disorientation.

One day, while working at a neighbor's house, he suddenly heard an advertisement for admission to free training in miking. He went on and listened better. Hearing about the training opportunities, he decided to learn masonry. A day after that, according to the address, he contacted the company called Reliable in Bogur. He went there and saw that the boys and girls of his area were also training in various trades there. This increased his interest.By talking to the office of the organization, you can know about other facilities that every trainee will get a training allowance of 10,800 taka and a special stipend of 5,000 thousand taka for a total of 15,800 taka in three months, competent government certificates and job opportunities in various companies and construction organizations in local and other districts. After hearing everything, Achia decided to enroll in Masonry trade and started attending classes regularly. As he took classes, his confidence increased, "I will return to my glory days by doing this as a profession."

After successfully completing the course, he started working as a daily wage of Tk 350 in a company named "Lutu Construction" with the help of the Reliable Institute of Vocational Training Job Placement Officer. Currently he is working as a daily wage of 500-600 taka.With which he can easily afford good food, good clothes, medical expenses. Also, in 13 years, the son is studying in a good school nearby. Achia is now free from frustration. Breathing a sigh of peace, she dreams of spending the coming days with her children in peace and happiness.

Md. Naim Mia

Naim Hossain is a child of a poor family of Meghagacha village of Bogra Sadar Upazila. Father works as daily wage worker. Sometimes I have to sit idle because I don't have work every day. Thus it becomes very difficult to bear the expenses of the family with a small income. As a result of scarcity, there is constant turmoil in the family. On the other hand, not being able to marry a girl suitable for marriage, the father fell into serious trouble.In this situation, Naimer stopped studying in school and urged to work for earning. The turmoil in the family increased as no such work was found despite many efforts. When Naim could not bear the abuse and domestic violence anymore. Day after day visits relatives and dignitaries of the area for a good deed.Despite many efforts, no one gets any work even for daily wage work. Because he had no special skills. Think about going to Dhaka and work in a factory. But that is also not possible due to lack of money for travel and accommodation. Gumre Gumre cries all the time. Naim Meer spends his days in great depression and restlessness.

At that time, the sound of miking is heard. Heard that free skill development training will be conducted by the government through an organization called Reliable in Bogra Matidali and job arrangements will be made after the course. The next morning he came to the office and got to know the details about the course and other opportunities such as stipend 100 taka for daily travel, 50 taka for breakfast, 10800 taka for 3 months and special allowance 5000 taka, about 16000 taka, skillful government certificates and various companies in local and different districts and Job opportunities will be provided in construction companies. Naim Mia was inspired by these opportunities and applied for admission in her preferred electrical installation and maintenance trade. The Trainee Selection Committee saw his interest and sincerity and gave him the opportunity to undergo training in Electrical Installation and Maintenance Trade. As usual, Naim continued to have regular classes. In the career counseling class, job placement officer Azad sir discussed about jobs in various companies and contracting firms, and Naim expressed his interest in working in the contracting firm. After successful completion of the course, the job placement officer arranged to work with an experienced electrician through an electrical shop in Bogra. He started working there for a daily wage of 350 to 400 taka. Working skills increased and now doing contract work by learning new things daily. Now a familiar face in Naim area. Now 02 helpers are earning 600 to 700 taka daily. With this income Naim's family has now returned to solvency. Along with this, family turmoil has been removed.

Md. Liton Mia

Because her father's financial condition was not good, Liton Mia could not study regularly. He used to help his father and work on other people's land. At one time the sound of miking was heard. Heard that free skill development training will be conducted by the government through an organization called Reliable in Bogra Matidali and job arrangements will be made after the course. The next morning, he came to the office and got to know the details about the course and other opportunities such as stipend 100 taka for daily travel, 50 taka for breakfast, special allowance of 5000 taka, government certificate for financial cooperation and employment in different hotel industry or different organizations in local and different districts. Opportunity will be given.Seeing and hearing these opportunities, Liton Mia enrolled in the housekeeping course and took classes regularly. After two months of classes, he did an internship for two months at West Park Inn, Banani, Dhaka Hotel.
West Park Inn, Banani, Dhaka hotel owner gives job in that hotel after seeing his work efficiency and integrity. Presently he is working efficiently in West Park Inn, Banani, Dhaka Hotel. Liton Mia is working in that hotel with a monthly salary of Rs.8000/- with room and board facilities. His personal life has changed. From Lytton Mea's rural lifestyle, she is now very happy to change her situation to an urban environment and social norms. His family and social status has changed. His parents are very happy that their son has got a job in a good environment. Liton Mee wants to pursue further education alongside employment to pursue a career in the hotel sector.

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